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Those who never came home

On this day 24 years ago 96 Liverpool fans went to watch an FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest and never came home.

Their families and friends have truth, but still await justice. Those loved ones will never be forgotten.


Hillsborough - part 1

On 15 April 1989 96 fans lost their lives at a football match. At least they are the very bare facts. Despite the truth finally emerging over recent months. There is and remains so much more about the Hillsborough disaster which stays unanswered.


Hillsborough - part 2

Those who died did so because the authorities in many guises - not all football related - treated fans as something less than human. A close comparison would be that of cattle.


Hillsborough - part 3

Planting a seed in the media’s minds served a purpose for the police who could absolve themselves of any responsibility but CCTV pictures disproved their claims.


Hillsborough - part 4

Forest supporters who at first booed what they thought was a pitch invasion and chanted their initial condemnation had by that stage realised that something was wrong.


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